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Coupe DEK
Finished (OT)
May 13 8:30 pm
Women D
May 13 8:30 pm
Finished (OT)
Women C+
May 13 8:30 pm
Women E
May 13 8:45 pm
May 13 9:00 pm


How to qualify ?

There are no qualification needed. Register online and experience dek hockey at a different level.  

Must I register as a team, or can I register as an individual?

Our tourney is a team pre-registration tournament. As such, individuals can not register independently. If you wish to be placed on an “individual” players list, contact us on Facebook with the following information: Skill level (A,B,C+,C,D,E,Women), position (goalie, defense, forward), handedness (left or right). We will contact you if an opportunity presents itself.

What is the cost of registration?

COUPE DEK GRANBY and TREMBLANT : $70 (60+10) per player except "MEN A" at $90 (80+10) per player and "JUNIOR" at $350/team. 

COUPE DEK TROIS-RIVIÈRES : $90 (80+10) per player except "MEN A" at $110 (100 + 10) per player and Junior at $350/team. 

How many players per team?

Teams must have a minimum of 6 players + goalie and a maximum of 10 players, goalie included, on their lineup.

Are there any special rules for the Co-ed categories?

Co-ed is to be played 4 on 4.  Teams must have a minimum of 2 female players on the field at all time. Maximum of 10 players on their lineup.

How many games are guaranteed?

Unlike other tournaments, a minimum of 4 games is guaranteed (3 round robin + 1 elimination) at all Coupe DEK events.

What size are the playing surfaces?

The Coupe DEK events offers specific 3vs3 dek hockey surfaces around 100 ft. in length per 50 ft. wide. It may vary from a couple of feet from place to place. 

Are we playing on the streets?

No you're not! As mentioned above, our tourney will always be played on official Dek hockey surfaces (tiles) with boards and nets. Ball hockey at the next level!

What kind of nets are used?

All nets are regulation sized just like in all Dek hockey centers. It may vary from 5' by 4' or 4' by 4'. One thing for sure, in a same event, all nets will have the same sizes.

What kind of balls are used?

We use orange specific balls with BAUER (model Hydro-Gel) specially made for us. The very best!

What equipment is required?

Any make or model of stick can be used (graphite, wood, etc.) at the championship. The use of a helmet, gloves and shin pads is also mandatory for all players. Eye protection is also recommended but not mandatory. 

What prizes do we get if we win?

Please consult ‘’Cash prizes and gifts’’ under ‘’General Information’’. One thing for sure, we offer by far the best cash & prizes in all ball hockey tournaments.

Can I volunteer ?

Absolutely! The Coupe DEK is always looking for volunteers. Come and spend an amazing weekend while giving us a hand. We would greatly appreciate! Contact us at [email protected]

Can I work for your organization ?

We are currently looking for students or any hockey fans who would like to join our team. Send us your CV and a motivation letter explaining why you would be an asset to our team!

I live outside of Quebec (Canada, USA, Europe, etc.). Can I still participate?

Without a doubt! Build your team, register and contact us to plan your trip!

Who can play? 

Anyone! MEN, WOMEN of all ages and level. 

What is the classified players list?

In order to promote equity, we use the cotesdekhockey.com player database. Men are classified from H1 to H13 based on their skills, etc. Women are from W1 to W8, elite to beginner. We want to make sure that every team in every category is competitive.

Do I absolutely have to register and pay online?

It is mandatory to register and make a secure deposit online. 

I have more questions, what to do?

Do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] You can also give us a call at (514) 912-7710.

Our team will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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